forge naturals

Forge is here for tweens, teens (and parents) who would like to use plant-powered skincare products.  Teen skin can be a real challenge. One day it's dry, the next it is an explosion of red spots and blemishes.  That's why Forge created a range of everyday essentials, as well as some superheroes to save the day when things go a bit nuts. Forge is made with no fillers or nasties and is packed full of plant extracts and they use organic ingredients when they can. The products are handmade in small batches.

Forge has been started by two uni friends, Louise and Janine (now with their own tweens and teens) who saw the need to create a teen focused natural plant-powered product skincare range. 

See what customers have to say about forge:

"Our boys started using Forge skincare while we were in lock down. Both have had 'niggly' skin and we have tried everything. Louise recommended a regime and it has worked wonders and hasn't broken the bank. It's gentle and it works. Their skin looks fantastic, which makes them feel fantastic - win- win!
Thanks Forge - highly recommend your products"

"Purchased the face wash and moisturiser for my 13 year old daughter and she uses both daily. She doesn’t have troublesome skin but wants to keep it that way. Smells great and she comes out of the bathroom looking fresh and happy"

"Ordered the starter pack of face wash , toner and blemish gel, it has transformed my 14 yr old son’s skin!! As it is sooo effective he he totally on board with using it consistently , we also got the mask which I used too and blemish balm and I was amazed to see a brightening and tightening of my saggy 40 something yr old face , highly recommend trying this product , you won’t be sorry !!"

"I love this product line so much! I decided to try it myself after failing to find something suitable for my skin. Im no teenager, in fact not even close but I can confirm it is brilliant! my skin loves it, my bank balance loves it and I honestly can't recommend it highly enough! Buy it, you won't regret it I promise!"

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