Kalla Beauty NZ

KallaBeautyNZ makes luxurious beauty products that are good for you and the environment. Their range of products includes shampoos, conditioner bars, dry shampoos, and soaps.

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"I purchased a sample pack of shampoo and tried the mint one last night. I was pleasantly surprised!!! It lathered alot and felt great and clean!
I have used a few different brands of bars but I think I am now on to a new fave! Thanks"

"Best shampoo bars around. My family likes the minty green and I use the orange which completely keeps my dandruff in check. They lather nicely, smell great and last well, and hair feels clean and soft for days. Highly recommended."

"The best dry shampoo I have used yet. It feels so light and isn't gritty like other ones I've tried and it smells DIVINE! I could smell it through the (compostable) parcel bag before I even opened it. I love everything about this product and love even more that it is zero waste. It also seems to be lasting much longer than any store bought one ever has and my hair is thanking me for not blasting it with harsh chemicals."

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