Amazing Benefits Of New Zealand Lavender Oil

Lavender smells fantastic and the aroma helps relax the mind after a long day. Lavender oil is a staple for most aromatherapy practices and incorporating it into your health & beauty regimen has proven benefits.

Here are a few top 5 benefits of using lavender oil products:

    1. Helps ease muscle and joint pain.
    2. Helps to fight respiratory problems caused from colds and flu, cough, congestion, and more. Great to use in a diffuser to help with these conditions.
    3. Mood Booster. The lavender scent is refreshing and helps improve mood.
    4. Using lavender oil at night has been known to significantly improve your quality of sleep and can reduce symptoms of insomnia.
    5. Great insect repellent

Lavender oil has many benefits to heal both physically and mentally.

If you experience any side effects from using the oil, such as a skin rash, stop use, and talk to your doctor.

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