Beekeeper's Daughter New Zealand

Beekeeper's Daughter was one of the first businesses I reached out to when starting Boomer & Brandt. I was immediately drawn to their story. Ashlee, the "Beekeeper's Daughter" grew up around bees and wanted to create a business around making products with amazing healing and skin-soothing properties. 

The Beekeeper's Daughter products include face, body and maternity products.

The primary ingredients used in Beekeeper's Daughter products are beeswax, manuka honey, and bee pollen. Some products have additional healing ingredients including kawakawa. 

Honey bee by-products are full of vitamins and amino acids and are both anti-viral and anti-bacterial.

Additionally all of Beekeeper's Daughter products are made in New Zealand. 

You can read more about Beekeeper's Daughter on their website.  

Check out our collection of Beekeeper's Daughter products

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