Meet Boomer

Boomer, our family dog, moved with us from the US to NZ last September. He is a huge part of our little family and often thinks he runs our house. So it was only fitting to name him our official Office Manager for Boomer & Brandt to help run our business.

Boomer, while small in size (only 9 kilos) has a big presence around our office (AKA home).

Being an Australian Shepherd, he’s always at our feet (literally) keeping us in line. This includes hourly work breaks to give him love, cuddles, walks, and treats. Boomer makes sure we keep to this schedule.

When we receive deliveries from our amazing suppliers, he’s there to let us know when packages arrive. He also likes to get up close when we are taking product photos. (He’s not shy) Sometimes he will even help write copy as he plops up next to me and starts playing on my laptop. Boomer is such a contributor.

You can check out our Facebook page to see more photos of Boomer. And please post photos of your furry friends as well.

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