OKU Native Herbal Products

As we enter winter, it's a perfect time to highlight OKU Native Herbal Products. Known for their teas, and elixirs, OKU products are made locally in New Zealand using only New Zealand plants and herbs. When researching tea companies, I was immediately drawn to OKU for several reasons.

First, the product line is all organic and made with only wildcrafted herbs.

Second, I love how they support the growth and sustainability of New Zealand native plants. A portion of all sales (including those you purchase on our site) are donated to The Native Forest Restoration Trust and OKU’s own replanting projects.

Finally, I am drawn to their holistic approach to immunity. Their line of elixirs are made with all-natural New Zealand herbs that contain therapeutic properties.

The immune and infection elixir contains a blend of Kawakawa, Manuka, Olive Leaf & Echinacea purpura. These herbs and nutrients are used to help maintain natural immunity and help ward off infections. 

In addition to the elixir line, OKU offers a range of kawakawa teas. The entire range supports health and well-being but they do offer an immunity blend. The Immunity Tea is made with Kawakawa, Manuka, Vitamin C, Rosehips, and Elderflower. These ingredients help support healthy immunity and may help ward off the cold and flu.

Download the OKU tea range 


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